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Be careful, here are only RUMOURS resulting essentially from forums. I don’t guarantee their veracity even if I will try to publish only those which are plausible from their contents and their source.

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Showtime's sumaries :

501 : Michael (Hal Sparks) throws a surprise 10th anniversary party for Melanie (Michelle Clunie) and Lindsay (Thea Gill) but the evening doesn’t quite turn out as planned. Justin’s (Randy Harrison) stay in Hollywood is extended, in turn affecting his relationship with Brian (Gale Harold). At Ted’s (Scott Lowell) suggestion, Brian invests his Kinnetik profits in a new venture.

502 : Brian re-opens Babylon but the party boys have disappeared. Justin returns to Pittsburgh after the studio pulls the plug on “Rage.” Michael decides to pursue custody of his daughter, Jenny Rebecca. Behind closed doors, Ted pursues a new look after a recent fling turns out to be a chubby chaser. Emmett (Peter Paige) lands a role in front of the camera as Pittsburgh’s resident “Queer Guy” on the local news.

503 : Brian and Michael grow further apart as Brian struggles to save Liberty Avenue from gentrification and Michael embraces domestic life. The street may never be the same when Debbie (Sharon Gless) decides to retire from the diner and newcomer Loretta Pye (Rosie O’Donnell) takes over.

504 : Brian remains steadfast in his belief that marriage is the death of a relationship. Debbie has a difficult time accepting her role as a lady of leisure—especially when she discovers that Loretta has stolen her act including the button-clad vest right down to the wisecracks. Ted decides to undergo an extreme makeover.

505 : Brian has news to share with Justin and all of his former partners. Loretta reveals her true feelings of love for Debbie. Lindsay drops out of the custody battle over Jenny Rebecca while Hunter (Harris Allan) considers returning to the streets after being kicked off the swim team and ostracized by the kids at school. Post cosmetic surgery, Ted attempts to drop out of the social scene.

506 : Brian’s reign as hottest man at Babylon is challenged by the new stud, Brandon (Ryan Scott Greene). Although a huge success as the “Queer Guy,” Emmett of his own when he realizes he’s been hired as a clown for the network’s ratings. Ted, a new man after his cosmetic surgery, has an opportunity for revenge on an old flame. Ben (Robert Gant) and Michael attempt to help Hunter lift his spirits and get back to school. Bored as a lady of leisure, Debbie finds herself back at the diner.

507 : Proposition 14 threatens same sex couple’s rights while Brian deals with the threat of Brandon’s presence in his world. Justin’s decision to move out of Brian’s loft creates a rift between Brian and Michael. Ted struggles to remember he’s with Troy (Lee Rumohr) only in order to exact revenge. Lindsay decides to give her parents a chance and moves back home with her son, Gus.

508 : Justin lands himself in jail for standing up against Proposition 14 and his own father. Brian and Brandon work their way down the list of the ten hottest guys in their competition to determine the real stud of Babylon. Ben grieves Hunter’s departure. Melanie and Lindsay attempt an in-house separation while Emmett’s stalker reveals himself.

509 : The gang fights against Proposition 14. Michael and Brian still aren’t speaking to each other while Lindsay and Melanie’s in-house separation heats up. Drew (Matt Battaglia) finally comes out. Ted begins his quest for his Mr. Right.

510 : Cyndi Lauper makes a guest appearance as Babylon plays host to the Stop Prop14 Benefit - an event that changes everyone's lives.

511 : Brian reevaluates his priorities after the bombing of Babylon. Michael continues to recover in the hospital, and a Liberty Avenue vigil for the victims ends in chaos.

512 : Brian and Justin are getting married! Melanie and Lindsay plan on moving the family to Canada–to raise Gus and Jenny Rebecca in a country where they won’t be humiliated because of their parents’ sexual orientation. Ted may have finally found his Mr. Right. Emmett catches Drew with another man.

513 : Brian and Justin prepare to marry. Lindsay and Melanie move to Canada. Michael’s asked to represent the Committee for Human Rights. Ted sees his relationship with Tad (Ben Bass) for what it really is. The beat of Babylon continues…

Episode 501

Justin is in LA and on the phone with Brian talking about the Movie. Brian is at work in his office and is talking to Justin as if he doesn't care. Flash back goes to Brian thinking about asking Justin to move in with him and Justin saying he is going to LA for 6 to 8 months. Brian laughs at the irony and tells Justin that's great and to go for it. Justin ask if the offer will still stand when he gets back. Brian says "I guess we'll see when you get back." Scene goes back to Brian in the office and saying "Later" to Justin on the phone.
Michael and Ben file paper work at the city courts to get married and are of course denied the right and start work on suing the State of PA.
From the second draft of both episodes so there might be some changes Babylon gets shut down in 501 and it's right when Brian is in the back room. Tricking. Justin-less!
The officer announces that the club is now closed and orders everyone to get the hell out of the back room. He actually address Brian personally and says something like "that includes you".

Episode 502

- 2nd draft (following)
Apparently Babylon re-opens in Ep. 502. -
And it seems Melanie and her alter-bitch is affecting Micheal.
Ted has a big part in re-opening Babylon it seems (not sure..), so here’s some dialogue:

Ted: Alonzo's the new club manager.
Emmett: And may I say a vast improvement over the former one.
Brian joins them.
Brian: I haven't had this much fun with a toy since my erector set.

It also looks like Emmett got another job. Here is some dialogue from that scene:

Magruder: (after a beat) I want you, Emmett.
Emmett: Oh, Lord -- what is it with me and straight men?(then) It's very flattering, Mr. Magruder, to be the object of your desire. But you're a married man now and –
- Sample Scene for character of Brandon.
Int. Woody's- Night
Brandon approaches Brian at the bar.
Brandon: Your bouncer almost broke my shoulder throwing me out of the club.
Brian: Pity
Brandon: I want to know why.
Brian: Why--?
Brandon: I was "escorted" out.
Brian: Because I said so. Getting sucked off on the dance floor is a serious offense.
Brandon: Except when it's you.
Brian: Membership has it's privileges.
Brandon: So when do I get back in.
Brian: You don't. (waits a beat) Until I say so.
Brandon: And when do you say so?
Brian: When I'm ready.
Brandon: (After a beat.) Is this the point where you say you'll be ready after I "do" something for you?
Brian: And what might that be?
Brandon: I think if we put our heads together we could come up with something.
Brian: Think so? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?
Brandon: Don't wait too long. (pointedly) Clock's tickin' away. You're gettin' older by the minute.

- Brian cancels a trip to LA.
- Justin goes to a pool party that turns into a gay Hollywood orgy
He has a phone conversation with Brian
He fucks Connor.
He learns the movie has been cancelled.

Episode 503

Reports from Canadian’s fans

Report number 1

Peter and Scott (with his blond) are walking down a street, and are crossing a parking. On the other side of the parking, some people are queuing, waiting to enter Babylon.

In front of the club, there is a long queue and long this waiting line, a bald bouncer is checking who can access the club or not. Brian gets out behind him and starts talking to him. Em and Ted arrive together but when Ted heads to the club entrance and talk to Brian, Em goes back on his steps for some unknown reasons (maybe to talk to some of the people in the line?). Ted and Brian have a talk for a minute, then Brian turns towards the queue and begins to point to Walter, the bouncer, people who can enter. The selected people step out of the queue and enter the club. Brian goes back to Ted, puts his arm around his shoulders and makes him get into the club. Em wants to follow but he is blocked by the bouncer. It’s obvious that Brian didn’t snob Emmett, he just hadn’t realise that Em was there. Emmett and the bouncer exchange some words, Emmett gives up and goes to the end of the line, screaming that the club sucks.

Later, outside the club, Emmett is finally first in the queue. Ted, Brian and Justin are in front of the club. Brian and Justin are talking. Then Brian enters the club, taking Justin with him. Em goes to Ted who says something like “you did it” and gives him a hug.
Report number 2

In the last minutes of episode 502, Emmett is given the opportunity to appear on local television channel « Channel 5 » in a segment called « Queer Guy ». As soon as Emmett accepts to take part in the show, he is being introduced to all the news crew. The day after, Emmett was appearing on all screens.

A real Canadian weather forecast presenter Anwar Knight appears as Johnny Memphis. Those sequences were indeed recorded in an authentic Canadian TV studio.

But « Queer Guy » was cancelled after its first screening. At the gym, Brian and Justin give a piece of advice to Emmett who is really down, he should not be giving up without fighting, So the day after, Emmett goes back to the studio in order to launch the show again.

Lindsay meets her lawyer to talk about her marital status.

With Michael Novotny, the biological father of her daughter, Melanie attends a meeting in the of Lindsay’s lawyer’s building. This one is being really rude to Melanie, flowing her with tons of demand, and therefore blocks any chance for a friendly arrangement. Later in their kitchen, Melanie is upset that Lindsay took a lawyer to break their long terms relationship.

The same night, Emmett and Ted are impressed by the people waiting to enter the club and congratulate Brian. Justin is not far. The new sign of the club says Babylon with Pittsburgh added in white letters.

Episode 505

Episode 506

1-Curb Crawling

A few stalwart female fans were checking their calendars to see if it was actually the 25th, rather than the first day of December, while lurking outside “Ript”, the gym used by the denizens of “Liberty Avenue” on Showtime’s top-rated original program, “Queer As Folk”. No, Christmas had not come early, so what packages were they so excited to see?

While, not distracted by the usual assortment of gym bunnies, their hard focus was on Brian Kinney and a stripped-to-the-waist, Ben Bruckner! I’m not one to suggest that there was divided loyalty, amongst these women, but I thought I overheard, hours later, at least one of them humming that golden oldie, “I want to be Bobby’s Girl”.

The early morning shoot was actually of an orphaned scene from the mid-point of Episode No. 505, which was performed under the watchful eye of returning director, Chris Grismer. It seems that, while working up a sweat, B ‘n’ B also engaged in a heated exchange. Once things cooled down, a not-so-new director, Alex Chapple, was swapped in for the production of scenes for Episode No. 506.

Michael Novotny and Ben are now married and mortgaged. With a teenager, under their care, it just made sense to move into larger accommodation, so they bought a house. Home is where the heart is and the heart of any home is the kitchen. (That’s what comes from watching too much HGTV!) So, Ward and June, no, Ben and Michael and visiting Justin Taylor are all assembled in the kitchen as Hunter tells them all about his big date. Golly, Wally!

Having survived a premature mid-life crisis, Ted Schmidt is working out regularly and has come out the other side looking his best -- ever! While at “Ript” he recognizes a former one-night stand at the gym. You might say that Ted received the tail end of this young man’s beneficence during the annual “Pride” celebrations during the series’ second season. For pity’s sake, if it isn’t Troy!

Like a gusty day, Emmett Honeycutt blows through “Ript” long enough to litter the joint with flyers for an upcoming personal appearance by a local celebrity, Channel Five’s “Queer Guy”. Now, let’s see, in a wildly varied career path, flamboyant Em has gone from selling too-tight tees at “Torso” to dispensing advice on “style” -- in Pittsburgh! I reckon short of changing his name to Bruce and having him give Debbie Novotny a wash and set, they have just about covered every cliché.

In desperate need for hosiery, Brian stops by Hoffmann’s Department Store to pick up some much-needed black dress socks. Always, up for making new friends, how could he resist a printed poster enticement that beckons him to “Meet Queer Guy”? However, even though the store is heaving with shoppers, amongst the crowd he encounters the very smartly attired Ted, lovely Lindsay Peterson and, of course, Emmett, doing an autograph session for his adoring fans. Small world, isn’t it!

Although, he never seems to break a sweat, Ted is back at the gym and is spotted by Troy, literally. As the two face into a full-length mirror, Troy stands close behind Ted as the two move up and down with balletic precision, as Ted shoulders the heavy weight. And then, Ted does Troy, so to speak. As they change positions, Ted’s leering look says to Troy, “Why don’t you come up and see me sometime when I’ve got nothing on but the radio.” Revenge is best served cold!

Brian and Justin turn up at the Bruckner-Novotny’s home and they smooth the roiled waters with Michael, which ends up with the presentation of gift. Well, you’d think that you stepped into Noah’s Ark. It seems that the guest list to the house party was for couples only. Unlike the inaugural do, at Vic Grassi’s, her later brother, Debbie is in attendance with her main squeeze, Detective Carl Horvath. Can you spell, r-e-c-o-n-c-i-l-i-a-t-i-o-n? Well, may be, at least Lindsay and Melanie Marcus were both invited and are there for the party.

“Come into my parlour,” said the spider to the (zipped) fly. Ted may have the look of a new man, but underneath he’s still old Theodore. Having invited Troy to his condominium, he loses his nerve and misses the chance to even the score. So, it’s Troy -- one and Ted’s a zero!

Well, while homeownership seemed like such a good idea, it’s not brought felicidad to the three amigos. Hunter was unhappy in school and was destined to regress to his old ways until a very concerned Ben and Michael rescued him and brought him back into the nest. So, back in the kitchen, again, Hunter is about to take flight, but his custodians give him some cash, as he hits the road. Thus, begging most parents’ perennial question: What do you think about turning the kid’s room into a home office, honey?

In the early evening hours, of December 1, 2004, the regular cast members involved with the scene at the Hoffmann’s Department store were shooting in an actual store on Toronto’s toniest stretch of retail stores. Thea Gill, Peter Paige, Scott Lowell, and even an off-duty Michelle Clunie smiled and acknowledged the show’s fans who were standing nearby the store’s entrance. Each one is always gracious when meeting fans.

During the production of the last several episodes, it has been noticed that Gale Harold is walking with a pronounced limp when he is not shooting a scene. Obviously, Gale’s driver had been alerted to the presence of an assembled throng anxiously awaiting his arrival, outside the store’s only accessible entrance. (When I say “throng”, you could count the entire number on both hands!)

In marked contrast to the behaviour of his co-stars, having had advanced warning, as soon as the van’s passenger side door opened, with total disregard for the injured limb, he sprinted from the curb to the safety of the store’s open entrance, thus evading the curious onlookers.[Source]

2-Starbuck spoilers

From the text of the script page that wound up on the back of a cast coffee order and was left at Toronto Starbucks

QAF – Ep 506 – Production Draft (WHITE) –11/24/04

Scene 27 Continued:
The muffled SOUNDS of sex: guys moaning, guys coming. The sounds get LOUDER until we are at THE SEX PARTY
A couple of slings…Glory holes: Mattresses. Guys having sex every which way and everywhere. We find Brian, standing…on a raised forklift getting blown by a TRICK. Bored, he looks around, spots a HOTTER GUY across the sea of sex. Brian pushes his Trick off his dick, lowers himself, approaches Hotter Guy. Just as he is about to pluck him Brandon appears, picks off Brian's prey. The guy shrugs to Brian:
HOTTER GUY : When a better offer comes along – and then drops to his knees to suck Brandon's cock. As Brandon locks eyes with Brian, grins.


Michael is assisting a CUSTOMER, while Justin restocks the display by the front counter with copies of Rage.
A huge cardboard cut-out of Rage carrying J.T. across the treshold is prominently on display.
MICHAEL (to customer) : That's five dollars and twenty five cents.
The customer hands Michael the money
MICHAEL (cont'd) : Thanks –-leaves already engrossed in latest issue – Another satisfied customer.
JUSTIN :You know you say that every time you sell one?
MICHAEL :I do? Well maybe it must be true. We've sold five hundred and sixty-three copies on the website and almost two hundred in the store.

Episode 507

Proposition 14 IS anti-gay mariage

A scene was filmed of Justin, Deb and Emmett handing out pamphlets during the day opposing the Proposition.
They are all wearing buttons showing "Proposition 14" with a line crosshatched across the word and number.

The Gay and Lesbian Center holds an organizational meeting at night to defeat the Proposition (yes, the Center's ubiquitous bookends, Phillip and Tannis are there)and Justin, Deb, Michael, Ben,Emmett and Ted are present. (No Brian...is anyone surprised?)

The gang was filmed leaving the center. Everyone goes off their own way, but not before Justin kisses them all goodbye

A scene was filmed of Brian and Justin meeting on the street, as they are headed in opposite directions.
Apparently this is just after Justin has left the meeting. Brian is dressed casually as if he was going out to Babylon. Brian touches or taps Justin's anti-Prop 14 button. They talk quietly and proceed off still going in opposite directions. Brian is described as appearing sad, but as we know,reports of filming can only tell what was actually observed and not how the camera records it or the director edits it.

Episode 508

JUSTIN: I'm standing here in front of your door, Dad-- in front of your face!You can call in your troops, but I'm not going to disappear. So what're you gonna do? Come on, Dad, show us your great family values! Have them arrest your son!

The police look to Craig for direction.


CRAIG: Go on.

POLICE OFFICER: Are you sure you want to do that, sir?

CRAIG:(icy) I told you to get him out of here.

The officer shakes his head, then as he handcuffs Justin, reads him his rights:

OFFICER: You are hereby arrested for unlawfully trespassing on private property. You have the right to remain silent --

You get the sense that the world has been stood completely on its head--when you find that Ted Schmidt seems to be the only one happy and content. At this point in the story, while the potentially, pervasive impact of "Proposition 14" looms, Brian has fallen out with both Justin and Michael, Hunter has hit the road for parts unknown, and, at their therapists' suggestion, estranged Lindsay and Melanie are living communally in the same house they used to share as partners. Which brings us to Episode No. 508 of Showtime's hit series, "Queer As Folk".
Welcome to the First (And Last) Great American F*#k-Off! Pillsbury never sponsored a competition quite like this one. Brandon and Brian have each made their own independent listings of the "10 Hottest Guys In Pittsburgh". The competitor who is able to vanquish his complete listing first, supported by properly signed affidavits, will be considered to be the "top man". The first runner-up must subordinate himself to the winner.
At the top of the episode, both Brian and Brandon are shown stroking through their respective listings. With each having six conquests under their belts, they are on the home stretch with four remaining.
They convene in Woody's to top-up their fluids and to check out each other's progress.
Justin has rented a grotty one-room apartment, with some financial assistance from Michael. The two of them wrestle a mattress into the dump. Exhausted from climbing the flights of stairs, the two of them flop onto the mattress. Justin fesses up that it was time he moved on because he would never get what he wanted from Brian. He also laments that Brian and Michael's friendship is troubled. However, Michael assures Justin that he has nothing to be sorry for because it is Brian who is culpable for the current estrangement between the two of them.
As Carl Horvath anxiously awaits the sandwich that Debbie is busy preparing, a puzzled Emmett enters the kitchen having just responded to another anonymous hang-up on his cell phone. With his popularity as the "Queer Guy" on the local Channel 5 newscast, Debbie is certain that it must be a stalker. She turns to her favourite detective for support of her theory and tactical advice for the victim. When Carl downplays the possibility, Debbie snatches the sandwich from his hungry grasp before he even gets one bite. Meanwhile, Michael has a peaceful visit with Melanie and Lindsay and baby, Jenny Rebecca.
Over at Kinnetik, Ted enters Brian's office and invites him to join him for lunch or drinks after work. He is relentless in trying to get Brian to open up to him, until Brian finally confesses: "My mother's a frigid bitch. My father was an abusive drunk. They had a hateful marriage, which is probably why I'm unwilling or unable to
form a long-term relationship of my own. The fact that I drink like a fish, use drugs and have more-or-less redefined promiscuity doesn't help much. As a result, I've lost the two people in my life who mean the most to me."
Brian is snapped from this moment of reflection, and is greatly cheered, when "Number Nine", from his "Top Ten" arrives at the office door. Brian dismisses Ted and advises him that his lunch has just arrived.
Justin, Melanie, Ben and Corinne are all at the campaign headquarters and are busy working the phones. They share with each other the various responses they are receiving as they canvass citizens for support. They have managed to obtain a roster of corporate sponsors of the opposing side, spearheaded by Reverend Fowler, and Justin is shocked by one name on the listing, in particular. It's "Taylor Electronics", his own father's electronics retail business.
As Emmett is heading for home, it appears that Debbie may have been right after all. Sure enough, he is followed and eventually confronted by his stalker--Drew Boyd! The two men return to Drew's Hummer and he reveals that he has been blackmailed. He shows Emmett the compromising photographs that were taken secretly of Drew and another man, prompting Emmett to ask for duplicates.
Over at the campaign headquarters, attractive Corrine asks Melanie out for dinner. At home, Michael is roaming through the house looking for Ben. Michael finds Ben in Hunter's former room. He is smoking.
Michael is surprised by the scene and asks what's going on. Ben wants to know what happened to the bed missing from Hunter's room.
Defensively, Michael explains that he gave it to Justin. Ben is angry because Michael seems convinced that Hunter will not be returning to them. Impatiently, Michael explains that he feels certain Hunter is gone for good and that Ben may as well accept that reality.
At Woody's, Brandon boasts to Brian about his imminent victory. It seems that while they each only have one name left on their respective listings, Brian's last remaining trick, Alex Easley, is heading away on vacation. Too bad!
Justin pays his dear, old Dad a visit at "Taylor Electronics". In Craig Taylor's office, the two have a heated discussion. Craig lays the complete blame for the Taylor family break-up squarely at Justin's feet.
Fresh from his conversation with Drew the night before, Emmett and Ted have a leisurely stroll and discuss their personal coming-out stories. Not one to let victory slip away, Brian is next found seated directly behind Alex Easley in the aircraft on his outbound flight.
The two men find their way into the plane's toilet. At the end of the flight, completely unlike the late George Schickel, Brian has a stroke--through the tenth and final name on his list. Hence, Brian is the winner!
While Michael has a heart-to-heart with his mother, Debbie, about the departed Hunter and the rift in his relationship with Ben because of his leaving, Ben is on the prowl. Ben frequents some of Hunter's old haunts and asks some of the street hustlers if they have seen him.
After the exchange of some cash, one of the wayward youths reveals that Hunter has left for warmer climes.
Melanie and her new friend, Corinne, are sharing a kiss outside of the house when Lindsay appears unexpectedly and interrupts the embarrassed pair. The next morning, at the Liberty Diner, Emmett is reading the newspaper. The lead story is Drew Boyd's public outing. Accompanied by Michael, Debbie and Ben, Justin returns to his father's electronics store. An understanding police officer, is prepared to have everyone move along, however, Craig insists that his son be arrested for trespassing. Reluctantly, the officer complies with the request.
Brian meets up with Brandon, at Woody's, and announces his victory, as if there were ever any doubt, and explains that he expects to collect his prize. Jennifer Taylor bails out her son and is incensed that her estranged husband, Craig, would have their only son, Justin arrested. Ben departs and leaves Jennifer and Justin on their own.
Debbie and Carl are snuggled up on Debbie's couch when the doorbell rings. Not wanting to miss the conclusion of the episode, she sends Carl to answer the door. Carl is shocked to find Drew Boyd standing on Debbie's front porch. Drew asks if Emmett is available to see him.
In the awkward moment waiting for Emmett to descend the stairs, Carl says that they had actually met before. Drew says he recalls Carl and the loud, red-head that accompanied him to the game that evening, at which point, Debbie pops into view saying, "That would be me!" Given Melanie's obvious interest in her new friend, Corinne, she and Lindsay set down some rules about seeing other people. We'll call it the "Leda Law". They agree that they should not bring any new romantic interests into their house. Over at the loft, Brandon is prepared to keep up his end of the bargain. He strips off and assumes the position, only to be told by Brian to get dressed.
Drew is in Emmett's room when they hear noise out in the street. Drew says that the press has followed him. Drew guardedly tells Emmett that he has feelings for him. Over at the Bruckner-Novotny residence, Ben is watching the local newscast airing the revelation about local sports hero, Drew Boyd, when Michael asks Ben to come over to the computer. Hunter has sent a very brief e-mail just to let them know that he is okay.
The final scene has Brandon, as the golden boy, standing apart from all the other Babylonians out on the dance floor. He flashes a wickedly tempting smile to Brian, who is almost admiringly watching him as he stands next to Ted at the bar. Brian returns the smile and watches…[Source]

Episode 509

Jennifer gets a new boyfriend..a much YOUNGER b/f -and Justin obviously does not approve of it. Here are some dialogue right from the script:
Suddenly the very loud ROAR of a motorcycle. A well-built young man in a black biker jacket and a helmet that conceals this fave squeals to a halt beside them. The motorcycle guy pulls off his helmet.
Hello, TUCKER WATSON. He's in his mid-twenties and sexy as hell. He gives Jennifer a big smile
TUCKER: Am I late?
JENNIFER: (FLUSTERED) I -- uh -- no! I completly lost track of the time
Justin stares at his mother. Huh?
JENNIFER: Darling, we'll talk later.
Jennifer gives Justin a quick kiss, hops on the back of the bijme, puts her helmet on and her arms around Tucker.
JENNFER: Keep up the good work!
As Justin watches his mother and Tucker zoome off, stunned: CUT TO
Also, it seems that Ted meets someone named Adam Bernstien, and they end up going out on a date with him. Micheal gets pissed off at protesters that support Prop. 14, and some Republican women get scared off by him when they knock on his door. AND- Brian picks up (as it says in the script) *an artsy type* at Justin's art show and plans on fuckin him (small conversation between B/J). Justin also hasa confrontation between him and Tucker
They were filming at the comic book store. Not much to tell but the first scene I saw, Mikey is pushing a stroller with Jenny Rebecca in down the street and stops at the comic book store door to unlock it. After that, Mikey and Melanie are walking down the street together talking and pushing the baby in the stroller, Melanie hails a passing cab and gets in and drives away and leaves Mikey with the baby. They seemed to be getting along fine, smiling etc. There was no argument or shouting or anything like that. The only thing is I think Mikey looked a little wistful as the cab pulled away but I don't know if there's anything to read into that. Michelle has a very short buzz cut, almost as short as Randy's was when it was buzzed for the pink posse storyline. It also looked like she had a red color in it. When they took a short break in between scenes, Hal came across the road and talked to us briefly and gave us each a hug. I stepped on his foot, it's a good thing he had heavy boots on! He was wearing a black winter coat and a button with "no prop 14". The only other thing is that after they filmed the two comic book store scenes, they boarded up the window of the comic book store.

Episode 510

Justin is continuing to hang up the posters on Liberty Ave after the previous scene where he, Deb, Ben and Michael are affixing the posters to store fronts and the pro-Prop 14 people drive by... The posters are advertisements for the anti-Prop 14 event at Babylon. The event is either a big dance party or a concert and it features Cyndi Lauper (her photo is on the poster) Brian drives by in the 'vette and pulls over and Justin smiles and walks over...poking his head in the open car window.
It is an amiable converstion.He says to Brian something like "It is all because of you"...indicating the poster and the event/concert at Babylon.. They talk some more and Justin asks..."Are you coming?"
Michael's name is mentioned by Justin and then Brian drives off.
Brian apparently gets many people to go to the gathering/event of Prop. 14, and everyone is very happy about it....except Brian doesn't attend.
-Brian is still tricking. He is fucking a "Hot Aussie" and while he is doing so..his cell phone, regular phone, and door won't stop ringing/knocking...this is AFTER the explosion at Babylon.
-Drew is officially out, and is kicked off the team..and there is a big debate about the decision on television. And when he arrives at Babylon, the media sworms him and asks him many questions about being gay.
Drew is not effected, because when he hears about the explosion, he helps Emmett with all the injured. So here is A BIT of dialogue when Brian arrives on the scene:
Jim, I'm standing in front of Babylon, a popular gay nightspot off Liberty Avenue, where a political fund-raiser to stop Proposition 14 was underway.
Brian looks up. He can't believe what he's just heard – or is about to see.
A REPORTER stands in front of Babylon. Behind her, ambulances fire trucks, police cars. A CROWD of people, some injured and very bloody, being helped by PARAMEDICS and more fortunate survivors.
Reporter (CON'TD) (ON SCREEN) As you can see, it's a scene of pandemonium. Many injuries have been reported, as well as several fatalities.
ANCHORMAN (ON SCREEN) Is there any speculation as to the cause?
REPORTER (ON SCREEN) The police are not yet confirming – but the possibility of a bomb has not been ruled out –

Brian doesn't wait to hear the rest. He rushes out...
I know that a character is affected because people circulating around the show have told me, and I had to ask for permission to read the sides of "Dr. Pierson", which contains scenes at the hospital with most of the cast obviously. Yes, unfortunately it is a MAIN character."
Michael is INDEED the person who is injured badly.
No word on the extent, only that there is a scene where he is taken away in an ambulance after the bombing. Ben is rumoured to accompany him.
Brian arrives on the scene. He discovers Jen and her BOYfriend Tucker. Jen tells him J is inside the club. B gets a panicked look. Jen tells him to go find him. Brian rushes inside.
Next scene filmed has them putting a very inert Micheal in the ambulance, Ben forcefully insisting that he is his partner and getting in with him. Deb and Carl are there as is Brian, who appears to have already been in the club because he is disheveled and covered with soot.
Drew arrives and is surrounded by the press... he pushes by them, finds Emmett and they embrace Brian arrives again outside the club. Time appears to have passed since the previous scenes. It is assumed he has been to the hospital.
He sees Justin standing near a police car. They embrace repeatedly and have their hands all over each other, touching caressing and of course kissing. It sure as hell sounds like an episode ending. When he finds out J is OK...he tells him he loves him
Source : Showtime site
New York, February 15, 2005 -- Singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper will appear as herself and perform a song in an episode of SHOWTIME's QUEER AS FOLK when the series returns for its fifth and final season on May 22 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT). Lauper joins Rosie O'Donnell as a celebrity guest star this season in an original series that has made television history for its frank and fearless portrayal of a gay community Lauper appears in the tenth episode of the season in which the characters hold a benefit to raise funds against "Prop 14," an anti- gay legislation that would prohibit gays from adopting children or sharing health benefits. In addition to appearing in the episode, Lauper will perform a new club remix of "Shine," recorded specifically for QUEER AS FOLK.

Episode 511

When Brian finds out J is OK...he tells him he loves him Later on he asks him either to marry him or to spend their lives together in a commitment Justin thinks he is kidding, then sees the look on his face and realizes he is serious.
However, Justin by this point is not sure that Brian is able to really commit and he is not sure that Brian won't regress again. He either says no or won't give him an answer, causing Brian to make what has been described to me as a MAJOR gesture.
Michael is alive. They are also claiming there will be someone's nightmare that involves a funeral. Not real but a dream.
The gathering is a memorial service for the bombing victims. Brian and Justin are there together standing next to each other in the crowd WITH Jennifer. It is NOT a priest, but a Fundamentalist Christian minister who is
there with his congregation to picket the Memorial Service. He is the prime supporter of the anti-gay Proposition 14.
Debbie speaks to the crowd and mentions that Michael was a victim of the bombing, but that he is alive.
The minister boos the news that Michael is alive and states that all fags should die. This is when Ben hits him.

Episode 512

On a list for another show I follow, it was just announced one of the main actors will be appearing in the last two episodes of Queer as Folk by the president of his official fan club. I've asked, but have not yet gotten a response on the name of the character he'll be playing. Based on what we've heard, I'm guessing he'll be playing Emmett's guy. The actor in question is Ben Bass.[Source]
Emmett, all alone, sighs, tastes the icing on Ted's cake with his finger. Just then a DIXIE DREAMBOAT with a southern accent thick as molasses comes over. Calvin: Excuse me, but aren't you Emmett Honneycutt of the Hazelhurst Mississippi
Emmet: Why yes I am! And you are--(gasp!)--ohmygod! Calvin Culpper! You were on the boys' swim team in high school! I used to come to meets just hoping your trunks would slip off-- (another gasp!) But I thought you were--
Calvin:So did I!
They laugh gaily
Emmett: What do you say we go up to my room? Reminisce about old times?
Calvin: There's not much to reminisce about.
Emmett: I know!
As he lead them off..

Episode 513

In one of the scenes shot this week, Brandon emerges from the newly reopened Babylon and spots a cute, short blond boy named Jason, standing under a street lamp. The camera zooms in on Brandon's face
The transition from Brandon to Brian, from Justin to Jason is complete. The cycle of boys becoming men continues on Liberty Ave
Well- it's pretty definite that Mel, Lindz & the kids move- and I think it's to Canada. ...the scene that was shot and seen showed Brian, Michael and Debbie saying goodbye to them...they are packing up the car and leaving.Debbie is teary eyed, and it is all very emotional There was a sold sign (I think) on the property where their house was.
Drew gives a speech to reporters about being gay and answering questions Brian has a heart-to-heart with lindsay in the park while gus played - the "new" face of babylon (it is rebuilt, and she doesn't think brian owns it anymore - there were for-sale signs outside the old front of babylon after the explosion...) All signs point to brian and justin getting married (but others spoilers say the contrary).


Rosie O'Donnell will play it straight on a gay drama. The former talk-show host, who came out as a lesbian in 2002, will do a three-episode arc on Showtime's Queer as Folk as an abused wife who flees to Pittsburgh to start a new life, says co-executive producer Ron Cowen. O'Donnell's character gets a waitress job, working with Debbie Novotny (series regular Sharon Gless) in the festive diner where the gay boys and girls of QAF hang.
Showtime's most popular original series, QAF launches its fifth season in the spring. Thirteen hour-long episodes are ordered. O'Donnell, 42, called the producers several months ago and said she was a fan of the show and wanted to do a guest shot, says Cowen. "When anyone whose work you respect says they love your show and would love to be on it, it's thrilling and flattering. We immediately began thinking up ideas for her."
All roads led to Gless' sassy Deb.
"We wanted Debbie to have a relationship with a woman her own age, and not just with our characters," says Cowen, whose life partner, Daniel Lipman, serves as co-e.p."We wanted to expand Debbie's world. This seemed like a good way to introduce someone in her life, someone she could help develop confidence and strength. "Debbie, by the way, is hopelessly heterosexual. O'Donnell's character develops a crush, but it goes nowhere. O'Donnell and the producers discussed extending her role, Cowen says, but scheduling was a problem. QAF is shot in Toronto, and O'Donnell, a New Yorker, didn't want to be separated for long periods from her mate and their kids.
More anecdotic, capillary fluctuation for Scott Lowell (/Ted?)
According to shooting reports, Scott Lowell had a fair-platinum cut the 06/10/2004:[Source]
He did not keep this cut a long time. At Patrick Antosh’s birthday party (October 14) he had recovered Ted’s usual cut :[Source]

Brian has a private backroom
Justin is tired of being casual

Blake and Drew are back in the 5th season

Thea Gill tells MelanieLovesLindsay.com that this season will be very dark and that her character is taking a new direction, in keeping with the "all bets are off" slogan.

QAF is mentioned in Entertainment Weekly's mid-season television preview... "Republicans, beware: As W heads into a second term, the unapologetic series' fifth and final season will have an even more unapologetic political agenda. Both Ben and Michael's Canadian marriage and recently split Melanie and Lindsay's custody battle take center stage."

It’s fifth and final season, Showtime’s “Queer As Folk” returns on Sunday, May 22, at 10 p.m. The dreamiest addition to this gay drama has got to be Ryan Scott Greene (Mutant X) , who plays Brandon, a hot new character who is going to give Brian (Gale Harold) a run for his money in the sexy and slutty department.[Source]

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