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Quiz Saison 4 - Niveau 3
1) How many copies of Rage have Justin and Michael sold through Internet at the beginning of Season 4?
a) 300
b) 3000
c) 30 000

2) What is the name of the Opera that Ted sings at his audition?
a) Rigoletto
b) La Bohême
c) La Traviata

3) What films has Brett Keller directed?
a) Catman 2, Taxi Cowboy and W-Men
b) Fatman 2, Station Cowboy and Z-Men
c) Ratman 2, Pharmacy Cowboy and V-Men

4) To the left of Michael's shop, there is:
a) a hairdressing salon
b) a restaurant
c) a taylor

5) What is the name of the client's son that Ted meets in the bathroom at Kinnetic?
a) Ray
b) Harry
c) Doug

6) What was the name of the neighbor in love with Debbie, who moved away when he was young?
a) Oliver Marconi
b) Martin Visconti
c) Eddie Bartholdi

7) Who was the teenager who broke Sam Auerbach's heart when he was 14?
a) Susan Schroder
b) Lolita Fierstein
c) May Sapperstein

8) In what year did Ted nearly become a ping-pong champion?
a) 1980
b) 1986
c) 1990

9) Joan Kinney lost:
a) a daughter
b) a sister
c) a brother

10) What is the number of Drew Boyd's football shirt?
a) 4
b) 7
c) 9

11) Where does Sam Auerbach want Lindsay to meet him?
a) in Milan
b) in New York
c) in Paris

12) Ted led Emmett to believe that he blew underwater:
a) Greg Louganis in Barbados
b) Lance Armstrong in the Seychelles
c) Pete Sampras in the Azores

13) What are Callie's parents' names?
a) Jordan and Laura
b) Steve and Amber
c) Luke and Heather

14) In what motel room do Emmett and Drew meet?
a) 12
b) 122
c) 222

15) Who gave tickets to the Eugenie Kissen recital to Melanie?
a) Tess
b) Susannah
c) Linda

16) What is Ted's cat's name?
a) Pillar
b) Lupe
c) Roxanna

17) What is the name of the producer of the film adapted from "Rage"?
a) Marty Fenderman
b) Mark Pendergrass
c) Marvin Telson

18) What is the name of the custom's officer who refuses Michael and Ben's joint form?
a) Dickz
b) Butz
c) Nitz

19) Ted was born in:
a) January
b) August
c) December

20) How much did Emmett lose during the bicycle race?
a) 3 pounds
b) 7 pounds
c) 9 pounds

21) What is the amount of the check given to the retirement home?
a) $143000
b) $345000
c) $432000

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