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Quiz Saison 4 - Niveau 2
1) What does Emmett say when he learns that Ted is in detox?
a) that he's going to go see him
b) that he has a charity event to plan
c) that he's going to take advantage of his absence to go and look for cooking utensils at his place

2) Emmett advises Ted to commit suicide:
a) by jumping out of the window
b) by stabbing himself
c) by poisoning himself

3) What are Brian's terms for returning to work at Vangard?
a) a private jacuzzi, unlimited expense account and loyalty
b) private toilet, shares in the company, and loyalty
c) a desk designed by Mies Van der Rohe, an assistant and loyalty

4) Why doesn't Shanda Leer want to go and identify her aggressors to the police?
a) He is afraid
b) He doesn't remember them
c) He is no longer angry at them

5) What is the theme of Brian's campaign to promote Endovir?
a) Honesty
b) Générosity
c) Friendship

6) What is the name of the restaurant where Ted works as a singing waiter?
a) Rigoletto
b) La Bohême
c) La Traviata

7) Vic helps Hunter with his homework in:
a) history
b) algebra
c) chemistry

8) Why did Rodney move in with Vic and Debbie?
a) because he was living at the hotel
b) because his ex through him out
c) because he has 3 roommates

9) What are the names of the 2 lesbians Melanie has to defend?
a) Jeanette and Anna
b) Louise and Laura
c) Lena and Joan

10) How long has Cynthia been working with Brian?
a) 3 years
b) 5 years
c) 7 years

11) How much does the tombstone cost that Debbie wants to buy for Vic?
a) $2700
b) $27000
c) $270000

12) Where is Brian going for his operation?
a) to Ibiza
b) to Chicago
c) to Baltimore

13) What happened during a performance of "Our Town" at the high school?
a) Michael lost his pants
b) There was a fire
c) Michael's partner threw up over him

14) Brian has Ted stand in his place at a meeting on:
a) underwear
b) a product for windows
c) oil for cars

15) What is Vic's middle name?
a) Carlo
b) Mario
c) Antonio

16) What is Zephyr's boyfriend's name?
a) Professor Ken Kirschner
b) Professor Zen Zimmer
c) Professor Ben Brewster

17) What is the name of the herbalist that Michael and Justin go to see in Chinatown?
a) Master Li
b) Master Wi
c) Master Ni

18) How much is Drew Boyd paid to pose in his underwear?
a) 1 million dollars
b) 2 millions dollars
c) 3 millions dollars

19) What is the name of Carl Horvath's fiancé?
a) Marlene
b) Katherine
c) Marylin

20) Why don't Callie's parents want her to date Hunter?
a) because his parents are gay
b) because he is positive
c) because he was a prostitute

21) What is Callie's family name?
a) Leeson
b) Nelson
c) Harrison

22) Who is the head of the Endovir laboratories?
a) Remsen
b) Fersen
c) Petersen

23) How much does Brian ask Remsen to sponsor the bicycle race?
a) $10000
b) $100000
c) 1 million dollars

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