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Saison 4 - Niveau 1
1) What color is Shanda Leer's dress the night she sings at Woody's?
a) pink
b) white
c) blue

2) What name does Ted give to his orchid?
a) Orchy
b) Droopy
c) Judy

3) Where does Hunter want to run away to with Michael?
a) to Mexico
b) to Hollywood
c) to Toronto

4) In the detox center, Ted is in charge:
a) of cleaning the toilets
b) of washing the dish
c) of scrubbing the floor

5) What does Hunter do in the courtroom in front of everyone?
a) He bares his butt
b) He calls the judge a lesbian
c) He kisses his mother on the mouth

6) How many times a day does Michael usually call his mother?
a) Once
b) Twice
c) Three times

7) How much are Brian's debts?
a) one million dollars
b) 500 000 dollars
c) 100 0000 dollars

8) What is Shanda Leer's real name?
a) Darren
b) Lee
c) Ryan

9) Where does the midnight massage take place, at the fairy in the woods weekend trip that Michael and Emmett go?
a) in a chalet
b) in a cave
c) under a yurt

10) What name does Emmett choose at the fairy in the woods weekend trip?
a) Periwinkle
b) Chérubin
c) Clear day

11) What is the name of the HIV medication for which Brian does an ad campaign?
a) Endovir
b) Aliovir
c) Sanovir

12) Where do Justin and Cody do their boxing training?
a) at the Gay and Lesbian Center
b) at Daphne's
c) at a gym club

13) What does Debbie give Vic and Rodney for their housewarming?
a) candles
b) a porcelaine dog
c) dish towels

14) Where does Brian set up the offices of Kinnetic?
a) in an old laundry
b) in an old gym club
c) in an old bath house

15) What is the name of the doctor that Brian and Justin fight over?
a) Tony
b) Shane
c) Johnny

16) What does Vic ask of Debbie in his letter?
a) a tombstone with an angel
b) a Christmas party
c) a mass

17) What does the funeral monument that Debbie wants to buy for Vic represent?
a) Santa Vic
b) Angel Gabriel
c) The Virgin Mary

18) Why does Lindsay blow the sale of a painting?
a) Sam Auerbach tells the client it's a worthless piece of junk
b) The client notices that the painting is a fake
c) She tells the client that she's the one who painted it

19) Who is Sam Auerbach's assistant?
a) Linda
b) Miranda
c) Leda

20) Who is Anthony Flynn?
a) a student of Ben's
b) a friend of Hunter's
c) a client of Lindsay's

21) What excuse does Lindsay give for not going to Sam Auerback's inauguration?
a) Gus has a fever
b) Melanie is about to give birth
c) She is working on a painting

22) Who is Jeffrey Pendergrass?
a) The director of the retirement home for gays
b) The doctor of the bicycle race
c) The organizer of the bicycle race

23) For what team does Drew Boyd play?
a) Pittsburgh Ironmen
b) Pittsburgh Arrows
c) Pittsburgh Team

24) What is Drew's fiancée's name?
a) Fiona
b) Dora
c) Sierra

25) What does Carl bring Debbie to thank her for taking him to the soccer match?
a) a melon
b) a cucumber
c) a pineapple

26) Why doesn't Ted want to participate in the bicycle race?
a) He can't leave his plants or they will die
b) He has heard that drugs were circulating
c) He has to receive a client for Brian

27) What actor does Justin sleep with in Hollywood?
a) Colin Farrell
b) Josh Hartnett
c) Connor James

28) Why doesn't Justin participate in the bicycle race?
a) Pissed off at Brian, he doesn't want to sleep with him in the tent
b) He has to look after his sick mother
c) He is called to Hollywood

29) Why does Brian fall off his bike?
a) He leans forward to grab Hunter who skids on the road
b) He lets go of the handlebars to show off in front of another cyclist
c) A jealous competitor pushes him

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