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Saison 3 - Difficulté 2 :
1) When Debbie is upset, she runs around looking for this…
a) a corkscrew
b) a cheese grater
c) spaghetti tongs

2) How much does Ethan make a day playing on the street?
a) $40
b) $80
c) $120

3) How much does Justin make on the sales of Rage’s first volume?
a) $300
b) $600
c) $900

4) How much does Brian ask the Center for Gays and Lesbians to organize the Carnivale party?
a) 10 % of the takings
b) 20 % of the takings
c) 30 % of the takings

5) How much does Brian’s Corvette cost?
a) $20 000
b) $30 000
c) $40 000

6) Who is the police officer that arrests Brian for molesting his nephew?
a) Handley
b) Horn
c) Lynch

7) What piece does Ethan perform for the competition?
a) Opus 17 in F major by Paganini
b) The Valses nobles and sentimentales by Ravel
c) Scherzo tarentelle Opus 16 by Wieniawski

8) Jim Stockwell’s assistants are:
a) Nancy Handerson and Dominic Scolotto
b) Gloria Wolker and Johnston Steel
c) Diane Overton and Bill Ranson

9) Ethan calls his violin:
a) Mischa
b) Tascha
c) Julia

10) How many times a week does Jim Stockwell go to the gym?
a) 2 times
b) 4 times
c) 7 times

11) What is the name of Ted’s employee who is under 18 years of age?
a) William Marcus Khoury
b) Edward Steward Malone
c) Anthony Charles Blondell

12) Ted appears on the front page of this newspaper…
a) The Pittsburgh Daily
b) The Pittsburgh News
c) The Pittsburgh Gazette

13) Where do Stockwell and Brian play squash?
a) At the Pittsburgh Sport Club
b) At the Athletic Club
c) At the City Hall Club

14) Who is the gallery directory’s ex-wife?
a) Barbara Moricz
b) Caroline Bennett
c) Florinda Zeckendorff

15) What is the name of Jim Stockwell’s eldest son?
a) Jim Jr
b) Cody
b) Brian

16) How much does Ben pay for Hunter’s hospital expenses?
a) $1000
b) $2000
c) $3000

17) Justin’s first poster of Stockwell is…
a) Laughling Stock
b) Heil to the chief
c) Dump Stockwell

18) Dr Mark (Crystal) is:
a) an ENT specialist
b) an Oncologist
c) a Dermatologist

19) What was the name of the transsexual who was assassinated 5 years ago?
a) Margharita Lopez
b) Natascha Ghinzberg
c) Jefferson Proctor

20) When Ted disappeared, Emmett says at first to Melanie and Lindsay:
a) that he went to check on the tire pressure
b) that he went to the grocer’s
c) that he went to the gym

21) How long have Kenneth Rikert and Jim Stockwell been partners?
a) 10 years
b) 15 years
c) 20 years

22) How much did Brian pay for his liquid TV?
a) $4000
b) $5000
c) $6000

23) How old was Jason Kemp when he was murdered?
a) 17
b) 18
c) 19

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