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Saison 3 - Difficulté 1 :
1) Why does Brian hit Michael?
a) Because he says he should have let Justin die
b) Because he didn’t come to Babylon with him
c) Emmett betrays Ted with a steward named…

2) Emmett betrays Ted with a flght attendant named…
a) Nancy
b) Nice
c) Dijon

3) Who says: "I’m not anti-social, I just can't stand people?"
a) Brian
b) Justin
c) Melanie

4) How much does Brian pay for Justin’s Carnivale poster?
a) $200
b) $500
c) $600

5) What does Brian call Ethan?
a) Ivan
b) Ether
c) Ian

6) What is engraved on Brian’s bracelet?
a) His initials
b) His date of birth
c) The name of the person who gave it to him

7) Who comes ahead of Ethan in the competition?
a) Lucy Liu
b) Lin Liu
c) Liu Lin Liu

8) Where does Ethan give his first professional concert?
a) in Pittsburgh
b) in Philadelphie
c) in Harrisburg

9) What sports does Jim Stockwell play?
a) Golf, swimming, and basketball1
b) Skiing, karate, and boxing
c) Scuba-diving, tennis, and golf

10) Who does Ted warn of the dangers he runs with his porn site?
a) Emmett
b) Debbie
c) Brian

11) Lindsay sells a painting of:
a) Constance Dalyeau
b) Berthe Morisot
c) Toulouse-Lautrec

12) What is the range of Iconic Optic glasses that Brian has to launch?
a) Sweet Crystal
b) Iris Sugar
c) Eye Candy

13) According to Brian, the Iconic Optic glasses enable the wearer:
a) To see things that you wouldn’t otherwise see
b) To see things in a different color
c) To see things that don’t exist

14) According to Justin:
a) Orange is the new blue
b) Purple is the new red
c) Red is the new black

15) Justin tells Brian that what he was giving him was worth:
a) 100 times more than what Ethan was offering him
b) 1000 times more than what Ethan was offering
c) 1 million times more than what Ethan was offering

16) Emmett is organizing a party in Lindsay’s gallery based on what theme?
a) The French Cancan
b) The Impressionnists
c) The Surréalists

17) Jim Stockwell’s father was:
a) Mayor
b) Policeman
c) Aviator

18) Ted finds himself at an orgy at…
a) The Paradise Motel
b) The Nirvana Motel
c) The Elysium Motel

19) Melanie has:
a) endometriosis
b) diabetes
c) cholesterol

20) Hunter is hospitalised:
a) for an overdose
b) for a renal infection
c) for appendicitis

21) What is the password to get into the rendezvous truck where Brian and Justin are going?
a) We are here for the Feldman Bar-mitzvah
b) We are cousins of the Feldmans
c) We are here for the Feldman wedding

22) How much do Lindsay and Melanie put into Gus’s bank account?
a) $5000
b) $10 000
c) $15 000

23) Vic and Rodney meet:
a) In a mall
b) at the Liberty Diner
c) at a meeting of HIV positive men

24) What is Hunter’s real name?
a) Hunter James Montgomery
b) James Hunter Montgomery
c) Jack Hunter Montgomery

25) What is Hunter’s mother first name?
a) Margherita
b) Mirella
c) Mirna

26) Who is elected mayor of Pittsburgh?
a) Joseph Andries
b) Marvin Deekins
c) Jim Stockwell

27) At the end of Season 3, Melanie is…:
a) 2 months' pregnant
b) 3 months' pregnant
c) 4 months' pregnant

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