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Season 2 - Level 3
1) What is Chris Hobbs’ punishment?
a) 200 hours of community service work + 5 years suspended sentence
b) 300 hours of community service work + 3 years suspended sentence
c) 500 hours of community service work + 2 years suspended sentence

2) What degree did Ted earn?
a) a WAB from Wharton
b) a BTS from Pittsburg School of Accounting
c) a Bachelor’s degree from Brown

3) What is the name of the little girl who asks Lindsay and Melanie if they are married?
a) Stella Renfrew
b) Sue Kerrigan
c) Kendall Morgan

4) Emmett works as a maid for:
a) Bruce and Bobby
b) Blaine and Blair
c) Blair and Bobby

5) What drink is not a Poolside specialty?
a) Goyave-Merlot
b) Papaye-Sauvignon
c) Kiwi-Chardonnay

6) Who is the accountant that Ted replaces in the ad agency where Brian works?
a) Magruder
b) Mendoza
c) Wilder

7) Who is the artist who has a show at the gallery where Lindsay takes Justin?
a) Shelley Poole
b) Adrienne Bennett
c) Diane Ryerson

8) While visiting the show, Justin makes reference to:
a) de Kooning, Gottlieb and Kline
b) Matisse, Picasso and Chagall
c) Monet, Manet and Kandinsky

9) What is the number of the street where Michael’s comic book store is located?
a) 508
b) 607
c) 467

10) The fee to access Ted’s porn site is:
a) $38
b) $29,95
c) $67,95

11) What line of work is Melanie’s aunt Dottie in?
a) Jewellery
b) Backery
c) Waitressing

12) What is Lindsay’s brother-in-law called?
a) Philip
b) Clayton
c) Duncan

13) What is the dating service Ted recommends to Michael to find a partner?
a) Adam & Steve Internet Dating
b) Voice Personal
c) Ida Perlstein

14) Who is the boy who sings off key at Woody’s addressing?
a) Richard
b) Jerome
c) Martin

15) What passage from the Bible does Brian quote?
a) St Mathieu, 6.42
b) St Luc, 7.28
c) St Jean, 8.32

16) What is the name of Emmett’s plastic surgeon?
a) Dr Aldous
b) Dr Beamer
c) Dr Poole

17) What was Debbie’s dream when she was in high school?
a) To become a cabaret singer
b) To get married and have a lot of kids
c) To go and celebrate the New Year in all the time zones

18) Inspector Horwath’s daughter, Vicki, does what for a living?
a) A lawyer
b) A Music teacher
c) In the Military

19) Why does Michael call Justin at 4 o’clock in the morning?
a) He wants Rage's mother to appear in the their comic strip
b) He thought they could talk about Justin’s attack in their first issue
c) He tells him that of of their villains could be a chiropractor

20) What piece of music is Ethan rehearsing when Justin visits him at the Music School?
a) Valses nobles and sentimentales by Ravel
b) Cantabile opus 17 in d major by Paganini
c) Concerto in b minor by Vivaldi

21) Where are Brian and Justin planning to go on vacation in Vermont?
a) To Saratoga Springs
b) To Cold Mountain
c) To Sugarbush

22) How old is Brian’s new boss, Gardner Vance?
a) 41
b) 52
c) 58

23) Who is Ethan’s biggest fan?
a) Bertha
b) Suzy
c) Mary

24) Who is Debbie and Vic’s postman?
a) Sanchez
b) Guttierez
c) Lopez

25) What is the first prize of the Heifetz competition Ethan is preparing for?
a) $25 000
b) A contract with a record company - plus a tour
c) All of the above

26) What magazine are Michael and Justin planning to give an interview on Rage’s publication?
a) Out Magazine
b) Pittsburgh Out
c) In & Out Weekly

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