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Saison 2 - Difficulté 2
1) What is Justin’s occupational therapist’s name?
a) Miguel
b) Dwayne
c) Gary

2) Who says "Wedding is a a silly ritual for straight people?"
a) Brian
b) Melanie
c) Ted

3) What time does judge Roy Russo go the toilet every day?
a) 10:45 am
b) 11:45 am
c) 12:45 pm

4) What is Chris Hobbs’ middle name?
a) Mark
b) Bruce
c) George

5) How much do Michael and Emmett earn for serving in the nude at a private party?
a) $100 each
b) $250 each
c) $500 each

6) After Justin’s attack, what is his mother’s greatest concern?
a) That he will no longer be able to draw
b) That she will no longer be able to touch him
c) That she’s unable to help him

7) How long did Ted work at Wertschafter Co?
a) 9 years, 6 months, 2 days
b) 8 years, 11 months, 6 days
c) 9 years, 1 month, 4 days

8) The characters in the TV series "Gay & Blazes" recommend reading:
a) Jane Austen
b) Oscar Wilde
c) Tennessee Williams

9) Where have we already seen Troy, the boy who does a good deed for Ted during the Gay Pride?
a) At the Big Q: he’s a colleague of Michael’s
b) At the sauna: he’s one of Brian’s tricks
c) At Babylon: he's a gogo-dancer

10) What have always been Lindsay’s dreams?
a) Love of a lifetime, lots of friends and children
b) A beautiful home, the love of a lifetime, and a child
c) To fall in love, get married, and have a baby

11) How does Emmett suggest arranging Michael’s comic books?
a) According to the color of the covers
b) According to the age of the superheros
c) According to the superhero's fashion sense

12) What is the first question Ben asks when entering Michael’s comic books store?
a) I’m looking for comic books
b) I'm looking for Wonder Woman
c) I’m looking for gay comic books

13) To pay for her tuition, Melanie posed for sexy photos in:
a) Penthouse
b) Lui
c) Oui

14) What noodles does Justin want to buy in double quantity because they’re on promotion?
a) Spaghetti
b) Penne
c) Rigattonni

15) What is the theme of the lecture Michael presents at the Faculty?
a) The masculine body, from Michel-Angelo to Captain Astro
b) The Evolution of Gay Culture, from Proust to Superman
c) Homo-eroticism in comics

16) How many clients are waiting for Zack O’Tool’s arrival on Ted’s porn site?
a) 503
b) 803
c) 1003

17) To whom does Emmett give his autograph at Babylon, signing it on his cock?
a) Dino
b) Alex
c) Christopher

18) Customs services confiscate Ben’s medication in what country?
a) Tibet
b) China
c) Thaïland

19) Ben is a graduate from:
a) Yale
b) Brown
c) Harvard

20) What are Emmett’s artistic demands?
a) A rotating bed and Champagne
b) 10 % of gross profits and a new lubricating gel
c) A private dressing room with toilet and a personal hairdresser

21) What is the name of the harpist who plays at Lindsay and Melanie’s brunch?
a) Shawna
b) Macha
c) Tasha

22) Where did Justin’s mother and father meet?
a) At University
b) On vacation in Honolulu
c) Through the personals

23) While waiting for George in the billiard room, Emmett sings:
a) My Fair Lady
b) Sweet Charity
c) Porgy and Bess

24) Who did Emmett confide in when he was a child?
a) His cousin Shirley
b) The postman
c) His aunt Lulah

25) What is the name of the boy Justin “deflowers” at Daphne’s surprise party?
a) Frank
b) Adam
c) We don't know

26) Where does the matchmaker tell Michael to meet her with a stranger?
a) At the Elektra Bar
b) At the Limelight
c) At the Liberty Club

27) What time does Brian’s mother go to mass?
a) 8:00 am
b) 10:00 am
c) Noon

28) How does George describe Brian?
a) As the son of Apollo and Venus
b) As the reincarnation of Alexander the Great
c ) As the natural son of James Dean and Ayn Rand

29) How old was Michael when he discovered Captain Astro?
a) 8 years old
b) 10 years old
c) 20 years old

30) What opera do Emmett and George go to see?
a) Tosca
b) Aïda
c) Rigoletto

31) What was the boy that Debbie found in the dumpster wearing?
a) Leather pants and a tank top
b) A military uniform and a wifebeater
c) Jeans and a flannel shirt

32) George Schickel is administrator:
a) Of the Pittsburgh Union of Gay Firms
b) Of the Pittsburgh School of Fine Arts
c) Of the Pittsburgh Philharmonic

33) Ted tries to become a member of this man’s club:
a) Garth Racine
b) Alistair Reynolds
c) Morley Campbell

34) When Emmett was young, what did he do to earn pocket money?
a) He walked dogs
b) He danced naked in a bar
c) He sang, disguised as Cher

35) How much does Justin earn on his first night dancing on the bar at Babylon?
a) $210
b) $410
c) $510

36) What composers does Ethan perform on the CD he gives Justin?
a) Ravel, Paganini and Brahms
b) Rachmaninov, Vivaldi and Mendelsohn
c) Mozart, Debussy and Bernstein

37) What is the name of Ethan’s cat?
a) Wolfram von Eschenbach
b) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
c) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

38) Who was Ethan Gold’s first violin professor?
a) Andrei Vishnevski
b) His grand-father
c) Yehudi Menuhin

39) When Debbie visits Ben in the hospital, she brings him:
a) Spaghetti in marinara sauce
b) Lemon shortbreads
c) Chicken soup

40) Ted’s assistant’s name is:
a) Jason
b) Eddie
c) Harry

41) What film does Ethan want to take Justin to see?
a) Jules et Jim
b) Thelma & Louise
c) Bonnie & Clyde

42) Where do Michael, Vic, and Debbie usually spend their vacations?
a) at La Jolla
b) in Miami
c) in the Poconos

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