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Season 2 - Level 1
1) What is Lindsay’s sister Lynette’s distinctive feature?
a) She has triplets
b) She’s been married three times
c) She has threee homes

2) Before becoming sick, Vic was:
a) A cook
b) A pastrycook
c) A shoemaker

3) Why was Ted dismissed from Wertschafter Co?
a) He stole money from the coffers
b) He used the Internet during his work hours
c) He surfed on gay porn sites

4) Why does Brian want to sue writer Howard Bellweather?
a) Because he accuses him of being a pedophile
b) Because he wrote that Brian was 31 years old
c) Because he says that he dishonors the gays of Pittsburgh

5) Why does Leda come back to Pittsburgh?
a) To do a show
b) To see Melanie again
c) To march in the Gay Pride

6) What does Michael dress up as for the Gay Pride parade?
a) A clown
b) Captain Astro
c) A woman

7) Michael buys the comic book store from:
a) Dino
b) Marty
c) Buzzy

8) In what circumstances does Michael leave the Big Q?
a) He refuses to dress up as a clown
b) He has the opportunity to buy a shop
c) He is fired because he kissed his boss during the Gay Pride

9) Ted’s porn site is called:
a) Jerkatwork.net
b) Studsandsuds.net
c) Cocksuckers.net

10) Ben is a professor of:
a) The Pittsburgh law faculty
b) Carnegie Mellon
c) The School of Fine Arts

11) What is Emmett’s pseudonym on Ted’s porn site?
a) Fetch Dixon
b) Princess Bride
c) Emmett de La Renta

12) What does Emmett do to get Zack O'Tool to remember him?
a) He opens his mouth wide
b) He show him his butt
c) He gives him his calling card

13) What is Brian’s and Justin’s deadline for getting back to the loft?
a) 2:00 am
b) 3:00 am
c) 4:00 am

14) With the first money earned from his porn site, Ted buys:
a) A camera
b) A Rolex
c) A Jeep

15) How does Ted know that Ben is HIV positive?
a) He knows who gave it to him
b) He read it in Ben’s autobiography
c) Michael told him

16) What gift does George give Emmett as a token of his admiration?
a) A gold bracelet
b) A Limo
c) A fur coat

17) George Schickel makes:
a) Pickles
b) Tires
c) Pharmaceutical products

18) Who is Reverend Tom Butterfield ?
a) One of Debbie's neighbors
b) Joan Kinney's Confessor
c) Justin's one trick

19) Claire, Brian's sister, has:
a) 2 daughters
b) a boy and a girl
c) 2 sons

20) When Ted takes Viagra for his date with Thor, why does Thor cancel?
a) Because his dog is sick
b) Because he took a sleeping pill by mistake
c) Because he met someone else

21) Why did Emmett give up the notion of becoming a priest?
a) Because he would have had to pray every day
b) Because he did find the costume attractive
c) Because he would have been confined with men

22) Who killed Captain Astro?
a) Morphisto
b) An intergalactic virus
c) Homophobic Web surfers

23) What do Lindsay and Melanie discover in the attic at Linday’s parents house?
a) Lindsay's mother's diary
b) Love letters sent by a woman to Lindsay’s grandmother
c) Photos of Lindsay’s deceased brother

24) What was Linday’s grandmother’s name?
a) Faye
b) Lorna
c) Vera

25) What is George’s ex-wife’s name?
a) Leda Hanson
b) Georgia Hamilton
c) Virginia Hammond

26) What does Mysterious Marylin predict for Lindsay and Melanie?
a) That their wedding will be a catastrophe
b) That they are going to get an inheritance
c) That they are going to have a motorcycle accident

27) Why does Brian not attend Lindsay and Melanie’s wedding?
a) He is going to see a client in Chicago
b) He is invited to the White Party in Miami
c) He is going to stay home to hang himself

28) What does Michael and Ted get Lindsay and Melanie for their wedding present?
a) A drill
b) Lingerie
c) An African statuette

29) Who sews Lindsay’s wedding dress?
a) Emmett
b) Debbie
c) Melanie

30) When she was young, Debbie dreamed of becoming a:
a) Flight attendant
b) Nurse
c) Actress

31) According to Debbie, Michael’s father died:
a) in Vietnam
b) in Italie
c) in Mexique

32) What is Michael’s real father’s stage name?
a) Lady Godiva
b) Queen of the Night
c) Divina Devore

33) For what good cause does Michael’s father agree to sing?
a) The Red Cross
b) Unicef
c) Angels of Pittsburgh

34) What is Debbie Novotny’s maiden name?
a) Deborrah Jane Grassi
b) Deborrah Jane Devore
c) Deborrah Jane Tonino

35) Why does Justin become a go-go dancer?
a) To got to New York
b) To pay for his tuition
c) To buy a car

36) Who is manages the dancers at the Babylon?
a) Gary Sapperstein
b) Daniel Lipman
c) Ron Cowen

37) What does Ted give Emmett for his world tour with George?
a) A multilingual dictionnary
b) Air-sick pills
c) An empty box

38) What is Inspector Horwath’s first name?
a) Carl
b) Edward
c) Dwayne

39) Why does Leda move in with Melanie and Lindsay?
a) To fix Melanie's byke
b) To convert their attic into a studio
c) To look after Gus

40) What does Emmett want to keep as a memory of George?
a) His sweater
b) His watch
c) His glasses

41) What is the distinctive feature of the host of the do-it-yourself video?
a) She cross-eyes
b) She is left-handed
c) She wears pearls

42) What speech does Emmett make in receiving the X Gay Oscar?
a) He tells of his childhood in Mississippi
b) He presents George’s eulogy
c) He recites a poem

43) Who is Rage’s best friend?
a) JT
b) Ice Tino
c) Zephyr

44) Ben's ex is:
a) John
b) Alan
c) Paul

45) For his 19th birthday, Jennifer gives Justin:
a) A skiing weekend
b) A box of paints
c) A suit

46) Justin and Ethan meet:
a) At a party at Daphne's
b) At a concert
c) At the pool

47) For Ben’s birthday, Emmett dresses up as:
a) A Geisha
b) Jackie Kennedy
c) Cleopatra

48) How much does George Schickel bequeath to Emmett?
a) A million de dollars
b) 10 millions dollars
c) 100 millions dollars

49) What TV show do Melanie and Lindsay watch in a brothel?
a) A report on Africa
b) A porn film
c) A cooking show

50) When Emmett thinks he is rich, what does give Ted?
a) A trip to Italy
b) A diamond bracelet
c) 2 lifetime seats at the Opera

51) What is the client that Brian goes to canvass in Chicago?
a) Brown Athletics
b) Iconic Optics
c) Frawley Steak-houses

52) Ben is hospitalized for what illness?
a) A heart-attack
b) Spontaneous pneumothorax
c) Acute pancreatitis

53) What is Ted’s sexual fantasy?
a) Sleeping with Zack O’Tool
b) Being Brian Kinney
c) Becoming a drag-queen

54) How does Brian find out that Justin is cheating on him with Ethan?
a) He sees them on the street
b) Michael tells him
c) Justin admits it to him

55) Where does Ben want to go live for six months?
a) In France
b) In Africa
c) In Tibet

56) What does Brian offer Ethan?
a) To fuck him
b) To record a CD for him
c) To star in an ad

57) Where does Ted announce to Emmett that he loves him?
a) In the restaurant
b) At the gym club
c) At Babylon

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