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Version Française
Saison 1 - Difficulté 3
1) When the story begins, Michael hasn’t fucked anyone in:
a) 2 months, 7 weeks and 3 days
b) 3 months, 7 weeks and 2 days
c) 7 months, 2 weeks and 3 days

2) The ties of the St. James Academy uniforms are:
a) Blue, yellow and black
b) Yellow, red and black
c) Yellow, green and black

3) What is the number of the hospital room where Lindsay is staying after giving birth?
a) 3
b) 13
c) 33

4) When Brian and Justin meet, Justin says that he just went:
a) To the BoyToy and the Pistol
b) To the Pistol and the BoyToy
c) To the BoyToy and the Meathook

5) Where can one find men’s underwear at the Big Q?
a) Row 4
b) Row 7
c) Row 14

6) What number of the St. James Academy football team jersey does Chris Hobbs wear?
a) 68
b) 69
c) 96

7) How many people do Melanie and Lindsay invite to Gus’ bris?
a) 24
b) 34
c) 44

8) Chris Hobbs tells Justin that he was given a handjob by:
a) Mary Frances Cattalutto
b) Suzanne Shepley
c) Erica Jacobson

9) What are Marvin Telson’s children’s names?
a) Kevin and Patrick
b) Harry and Scott
c) Thomas and Trish

10) Brian lives at:
a) 6 Tremont, at the corner of Fuller
b) 6 Fuller-Tremont Avenue
c) 6 Fuller, at the corner of Tremont

11) What does Michael take with him to spend a weekend at David’s cabin?
a) 5 pairs of jeans, 7 shirts, 4 sweaters and 10 t-shirts
b) One pair of undies, condoms and a tube of lube
c) 10 pairs of jeans, 5 shirts, 10 sweaters and 12 t-shirts

12) Lindsay et Melanie live at:
a) 69
b) 169
c) 178

13) What name does Emmett use for a gay porno chat room?
a) Usemyhole27
b) Surfeurdude30
c) Pitts9x6

14) David Cameron’s friend Laura is:
a) a urologist
b) a cardiologist
c) a professor in economics

15) What was the name of the young girl who called Melanie a “Jewish American Princess” at the school?
a) Liz Horner
b) Emily Meredith
c) Betty Barbarosa

16) What is the age difference between Justin and his sister?
a) 8 years
b) 10 years
c) 12 years

17) What is Emmett’s dentist’s name?
a) Dr Feldman
b) Dr Persaud
c) Dr Nessler

18) In the test that Marley reads to his colleagues of the Big Q, on the theme “how to tell if your husband is gay,” what choice is not listed?
a) He kisses the best man instead of kissing you
b) He brings you flowers for your birthday, and arranges them himself
c) On the Honeymoon, he asks you to check the car's oil level

19) What is Matt’s profession, the one who invites Emmett to the “See the Light” club?
a) Computer analyst
b) Singer
c) Shoe salesman

20) In what month was Justin born ?
a) August
b) May
c) December

21) What is the name of the old song Debbie and Vic dance to while folding their laundry?
a) Dancing Queen, Abba
b) Boys Keep Swinging, David Bowie
c) Do the Hustle, Van McCoy

22) To manage to sleep with a woman, Emmett says that he thought of Jody Foster in:
a) “Anna and the King”
b) “The Silence of the Lambs”
c) “Contact”

23) Who is David's ex?
a) Mack
b) Brad
c) Ty

24) What is the name of the team Jack Kinney bowls with?
a) The Pittsburgh Giants
b) The Eastway Kings
c) The IGE

25) When Melanie goes over to Lindsay’s to see her, Guillaume, her French "fiancé" is listening to:
a) Edith Piaf
b) Maurice Chevalier
c) Charles Aznavour

26) According to Ted, the French are famous for:
a) Rudeness, wine and cheese
b) Rudeness, chocolate éclairs and oral sex
c) Rudeness, the Eiffel Tour and the baguette

27) At what parisian hotel do Michael and David stay ?
a) The George V
b) The Ritz
c) The Plaza-Athénée

28) What is David’s cleaning woman’s name?
a) Helga
b) Zoe
c) Magdalena

29) What is the amount of the check Brian gives to Diane Baxter’s campaign?
a) 10 000 dollars
b) 50 000 dollars
c) We don't know

30) How many candidates took the entrance exams to get into the PIFA, and how many succeeded?
a) 7 out of 1000
b) 70 out of 2000
c) 17 out of 2000

31) Blake was the eldest of:
a) 6 children
b) 7 children
c)10 children

32) Who had been elected King of Babylon before Justin?
a) Angel Escobar
b) Glen Reeves
c) Dale Wexler

33) What is the name of the boy who hands over the Atlas Award to Brian?
a) Adam Lyons
b) Jim Clemenski
c) Kevin Chaise

34) What New York firm does Brian apply for a job?
a) Craig & Matthews
b) Kenny & Collins
c) Morty Ryder Co

35) Who is the professor that Emmett makes up to convince Vic to plead guilty?
a) Mr Pettigrew
b) Mr Carnegie
c) Mr Bruckner

36) Who did Vic take to the prom?
a) Lance Rocco
b) Martha Stewart
c) Connie Costello

37) What flight does Michael have to take to go to Portland?
a) 770
b) 880
c) 990

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