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Saison 1 - Difficulté 2 :
1) What is the name of the guy Michael waves to in the backroom of Babylon?
a) Todd
b) Chris
c) Luke

2) Before going to sleep, Emmett always has:
a) Hot chocolate and Oreos
b) Herb tea and Oreos
c) Milk and Oreos

3) Gus was born:
a) at 7:00 pm
b) at midnight
c) at 1:00 am

4) What is the name of the bar where Michael goes to meet Tracy and their colleagues from the Big Q?
a) Shoeless Joe
b) Buttplug Bar
c) Breeder Central

5) What is the amount of the life insurance policy that Brian takes out for Gus?
a) 1 million dollars
b) 5 million dollars
c) 10 million dollars

6) In what year was Vic born?
a) 1942
b) 1952
c) 1962

7) When Emmett fainted at Gus’ bris, he is revived with:
a) Bath salts
b) Poppers
c) Horseradish

8) Ted's mother's name is:
a) Margaret
b) Elizabeth
c) We don't know

9) According to Debbie, how can you tell if someone is gay?
a) by the size of his index finger
b) by the way he looks at his nails
c) by his hair transplant

10) Marvin Telson, the client from the agency that picks up Brian, is a manufacturer of:
a) Cars
b) Tires
c) Pickles

11) Where does David Cameron take Michael for dinner the first time?
a) To Pappagano
b) To Casbah
c) To Dominic

12) On Justin’s birth announcement, there was:
a) A poem written by his mother
b) The reproduction of a painting
c) A photo of his parents

13) What is Roger’s line of work, whom Ted meets in the 30s club?
a) He gives piano and singing lessons
b) He raises chihuahuas
c) He manufactures bathing suits

14) What is the Ted’s number at the meeting of the 30-year-old club?
a) 1
b) 21
c) 27

15) Where is Justin’s first show held?
a)At the PIFA
b) At the Gay and Lesbian Center
c) At Debbie's diner

16) Who is the first of the group Michael introduces Dave to?
a) Brian
b) Emmett
c) Melanie

17) Jennifer Taylor imagines her son fucking with Brian:
a) In the Jeep
b) In the shower at the loft
c) On a piano

18) What piece of music does Ted try to get Roger to guess what it is?
a) La Traviata
b) The Magic Flute
c) La Clemenza di Tito

19) How much does Brian pay for the portrait of himself, nude, drawn by Justin?
a) 100 dollars
b) 1000 dollars
c) 5000 dollars

20) How long did David stay with his wife Laurie?
a) 1 year
b) 3 years
c) 7 years

21) To become manager of the Big Q, Michael has to compete against:
a) Andrew
b) Bob
c) Bruce

22) What does Justin cook for Brian?
a) pasta marinera
b) jambalaya
c) risotto

23) About how many guys come on to Brian each night?
a) 110
b) 112
c) 122

24) Captain Astro became Astro Woman in:
a) 1960
b) 1970
c) 1980

25) What do Melanie and the girl she has the affair with, have in common?
a) They were born on the same day
b) They have the same initials
c) They have the same hairdresser

26) How much do Ted and Michael pay Zack O'Tool to pay a visit to Emmett?
a) 500 dollars
b) 1000 dollars
c) 2000 dollars

27) When Melanie separates from Lindsay after having cheated on her, where does she go to stay?
a) With her cousin Rita
b) With her parents at Miami
c) With Ted

28) Emmett sleeps with a girl called:
a) Heather
b) Franny
c) Ginger

29) Why is Melanie crying after the screening of “A Night at the Opera”?
a) Because she has just lost a trial
b) Because she remembers that at Halloween, she was disguised as Groucho and Lindsay as Harpo
c) Because she learned that Emmett had become straight

30) Hank, David’s son, plays:
a) piano
b) sax
c) violin

31) How much does Michael give David every month to contribute to the household expenses?
a) 200 dollars
b) 300 dollars
c) 500 dollars

32) To earn pocket money, Daphne:
a) baby-sits
b) is a waitress in a restaurant
c) works in a record shop

33) What does the King of Babylon win?
a) 1000 dollars
b) A trip to Bahamas
c) 1000 dollars + a trip to Bahamas

34) How long does the “great love” last between Emmett and Brent, whom he meets at Babylon the night the King is elected?
a) 45 minutes
b) 1 hour 45 minutes
c) 2 hours 45 minutes

35) When Vic is arrested for indecent exposure, what is his bail set at?
a) 1000 dollars
b) 2000 dollars
c) 5000 dollars

36) When David calls Michael from Portland at 10:30 pm, what time is it in Pittsburgh?
a) 1:00 am
b) 2:00 am
c) 3:00 am

37) What film did Brian and Michael see at Pittsburgh’s old cinema that is going to be torn down?
a) Raiders of the Lost Ark
b) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
c) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

38) What is Blake’s family name?
a) Palmeri
b) Wysecki
c) September

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