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1st Season - Level 1:
1) Michael says that straight guys think about sexe:
a) Every 9 seconds
b) Every 28 seconds
c) Every 9 minutes

2) The first time Justin appears on screen he wears:
a) A blue t-shirt, a blue checkered shirt, and a beige jacket
b) A white t-shirt, a green checkered shirt, and a blue jacket
c) A white t-shirt, a blue checkered shirt and a blue jacket

3) Melanie's grandfather name was:
a) Abraham
b) Théodore
c) Franklin

4) Why does Emmett share an appartment with Michael?
a) Because his landlord, a homophobic,threw him out of his own appartment
b) Because his neighbor set fire to his own appartment
c) Because he is secretly in love with Michael

5) How old was Brian when he had his first sexual experience?
a) 14
b) 15
c) 16

6) What object is Justin stealing before leaving the loft the first morning?
a) Brian's underwear
b) Brian's toothbrush
c) A condom Brian used

7) In what store does Emmett works?
a) Planet Earth
b) Torso
c) Katsuo

8) Ted's boss at the Accountant firm is called:
a) Wellwisher
b) Wertschafter
c) Woodpecker

9) What is Justin's sister's name?
a) Tracy
b) Molly
c) Jennifer

10) How old does Justin think Brian is at the beginning?
a) 28
b) 29
c) 33

11) When Daphne sees Brian for the first time, she thinks him:
a) Too tall
b) Too muscular
c) Too old

12) Ted and Blake meet:
a) In the bathroom at Babylon
b) On the street
c) In a hospital

13) Why doesn't Emmett want his mouth sewn shut when he dies?
a) So he can kiss James Dean
b) So he can ask Natalie Wood what really happened the night she drown
c) To be able to give Freddie Mercury a blowjob

14) What were Vic's first words when he came out of his ten days coma?
a) Did I miss the Golden Globes?
b) I saw the face of God
c) Has Barbra Streisand been nominated for an Oscar?

15) How does Justin's mother discover her son has a friend named Brian?
a) Se sees the name written on Justin's hand
b) She sees the name inscribed several times in Justin's Sketchbook
c) She reads it in Justin's diary

16) Michael tells Tracy that his real name is:
a) Captain Astro
b) Superman
c) Laserman

17) In what circumstances does Michael meet David?
a) He had a car accident
b) He sprained his neck falling off a ladder
c) David is a Big Q customer

18) On his first date with David, Brian lends Michael:
a) An Armani suit
b) Prada shoes
c) A Hugo Boss jacket

19) Lindsay teaches:
a) Drawing
b) Violin
c) Maths

20) How much time does David spend on Michael's left nipple during their first sexual encounter?
a) 11 minutes
b) 16 minutes
c) 27 minutes

21) When Justin was little, what did he call his teddy bear?
a) Brian
b) Ethan
c) Gus

22) David Cameron drives:
a) A Corvette
b) A Jaguar
c) A Jeep

23) What is Justin's father's name?
a) Adam
b) Adrian
c) Craig

24) When Michael was 9, what was his favorite film?
a) Dirty Dancing
b) Lady and the Tramp
c) Yellow Submarine

25) After having been rammed by Justin's father's car,Brian has:
a) A bruised rib and a sprained wrist
b) A broken tooth and a slipped disc
c) A gash on his forehead and a slight concussion

26) What does Melanie forget to give to Lindsay when Gus is taken to emergency?
a) A blanket
b) A pacifier
c) His favorite toy

27) Who changes the Jeep's flat tire on the New York freeway?
a) Brian
b) Michael
c) Emmett

28) What is Michael's middle name?
a) Charles
b) Brian
c) Vic

29) For Michael's birthday, David gives him:
a) A camera
b) A watch
c) A car

30) What is the name of Brian's assistant?
a) Cynthia
b) Ginger
c) Claire

31) Zack O’Tool is:
a) One of Justin's teachers
b) A porn star
c) Emmett's boss

32) What is written on the license plate of Michael's car?
a) I Love You
b) CP Astro
c) CHJ-1200

33) How does Melanie put Gus to sleep when Lindsay calls her on the phone?
a) She tells him a story
b) She talks to him about Lindsay
c) She sings

34) Why does Brian give up his parental rights?
a) Because Melanie wasn't allowed into the hospital when Gus was sick
b) Because Guillaume, Lindsay's “fiancé”, wants to adopt Gus
c) Because Ted advises him to in order to pay fewer taxes

35) What is the name of the senator who helps Justin create his Gay/Straight Student Alliance?
a) Jim Stockwell
b) Daniel Devore
c) Diane Baxter

36) Brian's father dies:
a) From cancer
b) In a car accident
c) Murdered by his wife

37) Vic is arrested:
a) For indecent exposure
b) For possession of drugs
c) For speeding

38) Blake is on probation:
a) In the same ad agency as Brian
b) In the same law firm as Melanie
c) In the same accounting firm Ted

39) Michael goes to live with David:
a) In Vermont
b) In Oregon
c) In Mississippi

40) What does Brian buy himself for his 30th birthday?
a) A scarf
b) Perfume
c) Flowers

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