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Justin's artwork :
par Marido

The artist at work
Justin evolves, his drawings are evolving too. From innocent times to awakening, via anger and romance, the teenager becomes a man, and this naturally shows in his work.


First period - Classicism
The gay time of innocence. Justin draws what he sees around him :

His mother and sister


Lindsay and Gus.

His sister Molly.

Chris Hobbs.

Himself in Hobbs’ arms!

A denim jacket.


Male bodies.


Brian (well… not so innocent when it comes to Brian).

Then comes catastrophe : the bashing, the handicap. And his nudes are not so precise anymore...


Second period – Digital Imagery

Well, it’s really not up to scratch...


It’s a little bit better, but there’s still overrated anger. It’s surprising, not completely convincing.


With a little practice, it becomes much better. He offers Ethan a rather beautiful triptych.

He also has an exhibition… at the Liberty diner.

Then he discovers violin music, and his life changes...


Third period – Naive romanticism

His poor heart beats, and he takes out his pencil to do the portrait of his new love.

Ah, sweet Bohemia, street painters of Montmartre...

Truelove is a serious matter.
Sometimes tedious, but definitely

Expression of the supreme love: "I play for you", "I draw your Cd jacket". What a happiness to live in our small room under the rooftops!

Justin comes back to his senses. It’s time to face reality. To earn money with his talent.


Fourth period - Comics. The creation of Rage

E-Man, Rage’s ancestor.

First rough of Rage.


The key of a comic book success : an irresistible superhero.


The other key to success : the superhero’s faithful friend, Zephyr.


Third key to success: a thrilling, preferably autobiographical story.


Very villainous villains.


To finish, a launching in Kinney’s style.


The second edition... will be a little more daring...

A homophobic mayor is profiled. Justin drops the comic book to get involved in politics, with his own weapons.


Fifth period - Mass postings

It’s time to apply his ideas.


Sixth period : Time for revenge

Following Shanda Leer's bashing, Justin feels it's time to react against homophobes.

His drawings are becoming more and more violent. Rage is enraged, blood is spurting everywhere.

Without interfering, Brian notices Justin's change of attitude and his commitment to the Pink Posse, a militia against homophobes, but in this case, appears to be nothing more than an angry group of people looking for trouble.

The comics' new story is gory. Rage emasculates a homophobic and forces him to eat his own penis while crying: "Suck you own dick, motherfucker!"


Fortunately, Justin comes to his senses and realises that Cody, the one who's been a bad influence, is a maniac. Life becomes normal again…


Seventh period: Justin goes to Hollywood

Everything is calm once again, and with it, success. A new improved JT with muscles is off to conquer Hollywood with a less enraged Rage…



Brett Keller, a movie director, is interested in adapting the comics for film. Justin does everything in his power to convince the producers of Rage's worth.



As soon as the studios give him the green light, Justin gets to work.



But who's going to play Rage on screen?... Colin Farrell?... Ashton Kutcher?... Johnny Depp?... Tom Cruise?...

Yes, which one has enough charisma to incarnate Rage?

To be continued...


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