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Mistakes and incoherences :
by Marido

Mistake – n° 1
At the end of episode 101, the letters FAGGOT painted on the Jeep are thicker than they were when they left St James Academy.
If you take a look at this scene, you can also notice that the people in the car are not Gale and Hal in the wide shots..


Mistake – n° 2
At the end of episode 103, when Ted brings Blake back home, there is a mirror on the fridge door. The next day (in episode 104), when Michael and Emmet go to Ted's condo to "clean it up", the mirror has been replaced by a picture. We can't really think that Blake stole it before running away now, can we?


Mistake – n° 3

In episode 104, Brian is supposed to pull the plug... but how can he do that when the plug is unplugged?




Mistake – n° 4
In episode 105, Brian is in a meeting with the agency's staff and a client. After the client (Marvin Telson) leaves, the door isn't shut. But when Brian's boss leaves the room, the door is closed.


Mistake – n° 5
In episode 105, Jennifer is in her car in front of St James Academy to pick up Justin. Her seatbelt is attached. In the next shot, it's not anymore and she leaves the car.



Mistake – n° 6
In episode 112, when Brian comes to ask Justin if he's free that night, Justin has a cigarette on his hear. From another angle, it's not in the same place.


Mistake – n° 7
In episode 112, while Brian and Justin are having a little ice-cream-kiss session on the chair, Justin has some ice cream on his cheek. Viewed face on, his face is clean.


Mistake – n° 8


In episode 113, when Brian is having sex with Kip on his desk, a paper knife falls on the floor. Right after, we can see the paper knife back on the desk.


Mistake – n° 9
At the end of episode 114, Justin says he's turning 18 the next day. In the same episode, Michael tells Emmett who's doing his Spring Cleaning that it's December. But Ben, in episode 207 says he's a Pisces. If his birthday is the same day as Justin's then he's either a Sagittarius or a Capricorn, not a Pisces.


Mistake – n° 10
In episode 117, while he's protesting in front of St James Academy, Justin has a button on the front of his cap. A few seconds later, the button is now on the side.


Mistake – n° 11
In episodes 201 to 205, Justin is devastated because he can't use his right hand to draw anymore. But when he first met Brian in episode one, he told him he was ambidextrous. Then why is he not using his left hand to draw?


Mistake – n° 12
In episode 207, Ben arrives in Michael's Comic Shop to bring him back the cap he forgot at his place the day before. Since when Michael does wear a cap? It's probably the only way the writers managed to give Ben a reason to come back. Michael couldn't have forgotten some of his clothes since he didn't take them off. His keys? He would have noticed the missing soon enough. His lighter? He doesn't smoke. He could have forgotten the book Ben recently gave him but Ben would have seem too smug if he'd brought it back.


Mistake – n° 13
In episode 211, before Lindsay and Melanie's wedding, Brian bursts into their bedroom. How did he manage to enter the house? He probably doesn't have the key and Melanie and Lindsay wouldn't leave the door unlocked.




Mistake – n° 14
In episode 213, Debbie comes back home with two plastic bags. She drops them on the table and starts talking with Michael about his father. When she comes back to the kitchen, a bottle of Pepsi has mysterioulsy appeared on the table.


Mistake – n° 15
In episode 218, Ethan introduces Justin to his cat Wolfram von Eschenbach. But we'll never see that cat again. In such a small apartment, it's kinda strange, isn't it?




Mistake – n° 16
In episode 304, Brian is taking a shower and his nephew steal the bracelet he left on a table. It's the kind of bracelet you never take off even to take a shower, since you can't put it back on your wrist on yourself (besides at the end of the episode, we can see he needs Justin to tie it back). We can’t imagine that Brian would take it off thinking that his idiotic nephew would help him put it back on.
(Note from Willa - in fact he removes his bracelet to take a shower, at least he removed it in episode 101. What seems to be a mistake to me here, it's that his bracelet is on the table with his watch and cell-phone, like he still wears his bracelet every day. But he stopped wearing it since episode 219 - see my theory about the bracelet in the "various infos" section ;o))


Mistake – n° 17
In episode 311, during the meeting at the Gay&Lesbian Center, Jim Stockwell admits that he can't remember the name of Jason Kemp. He seems to be sincere. But if his partner told him he killed the boy, and considering he closed the case himself, he should remember. We don't know if it's an incoherence in the story, or if it proves that Stockwell isn't clued into the whole story.


Mistake – n° 18
In episode 111, we see David's Jaguar parked in front of his house with the license number CHE1200. In episode 303, Brian just bought a Corvette... with the license number CHE1200.


Mistake – n° 19
In episode 201, Brian and Michael are having a drink at Woody’s, Brian drains his glass. When he puts it back on the counter, it's empty. In the next shot, the glass is half full again. He takes it once more and drinks.


Mistake – n° 20
In episode 113, Justin stays in the stairs to watch  Kip Thomas, who quickly enters the loft and never really faces Justin. How can Justin recognize him the next day (ep. 114) at Woody's?


Mistake – n° 21
In episode 115, when Justin is watching over Gus while Brian is at the Leather Ball, Melanie says Justin was about to give Gus hot milk. But it's not the first time Justin watches over Gus, he should know how to take care of a baby.



Mistake – n° 22
In episode 118, Babylon's barman refuses to give Justin a beer because he doesn't want to show his ID. But he sould have been carded before entering Babylon, shouldn't he? (or maybe he entered with Brian)



Mistake – n° 23

In episode. 206,  Ted  follows Emmett in the steam room. They're both highly surprised to see Zack O'Tool's huge sex. But Ted already saw it during the play in episode 113 and Emmett already saw it in his appartment!


Mistake – n° 24

 the end of episode 119, when Brian launches his dead father’s bowling ball down the street, he raises his arms... and we can see the wire of his microphone under his shirt.



Mistake – n° 25
In episode 120, when Vic goes to the mall restrooms, we can see a sign stating that the place is monitored by security cameras. So, why does he have such a problem proving his innocence when the conversation he had with the cop must have been filmed? This video isn’t mentioned at any moment during the trial.



Mistake – n° 26
In episode 122, we see Jennifer several times. In episode 201 (one and half month after the prom party), her hair grew almost 8 inches. And Gus has spurted in growth. Another anomaly: strangely enough, Justin, who’s just recovering from brain surgery, doesn’t have his head shaved...



Mistake – n° 27

In episode 203, Justin is walking on Liberty Avenue, while Brian’s waiting for him. A bald guy in a military wife-beater passes Brian. We can see him going away, behind Justin. Till now, everything is correct.


But when Justin reaches Brian, the extra reappears behind Brian. Then, we see him walking in the opposite direction, behind Justin. Again, he crosses the street, a cup of coffee in hand. Then, he passes behind Brian.


Mistake – n° 28
In episode 306, Ben pulls out Debbie’s  fridge to seek the ring she lost. He finds it and puts it on her finger without wiping it, which means that there is no dust behind the fridge. If Debbie cleans regularly behind, this would mean that Ben is not a hero, after all.
Nice  scene, at the same time comic (she bought the ring on the tele-shopping),  tender when Ben kisses her hand, when we know what they have been through, and distressing because we are aware now that Ben takes steroids.


Mistake – n° 29

In episode 218, Brian pushes Justin against a pillar in the loft. He takes his t-shirt off. The following image, he leans to kiss him, and Justin still has his t-shirt on. Next image, the t-shirt has disappeared again.


Mistake – n° 30
In episode 206, Justin is mad about Brian because he saw him making out with the zucchini guy the night before. At the Liberty diner, he serves him breakfast, but avoids his kiss. He goes out, and Michael follows him into the street. Justin has changed his hairstyle, in only a few minutes.


Mistake – n° 31

In episode 203, Justin is getting ready to go to the concert with Lindsay and Melanie, and Brian has to help him to knot his tie, since he can’t manage it. And yet, he wore a tie for several years when he was a St James Academy student…



Mistake – n° 32

In episode 307,  Ethan’s “fan” comes to see him at his place. How did he find his address? We can hardly believe that Ethan gave it to him.




Mistake – n° 33
In episode 104, Michael brings Brian pizza, two paper bags and a large pot of chicken nuggets. Later, when they had eaten almost everything, we see the empty KFC pot on the table. They lie down on the floor, and a second pot appears, turned over, under the table.



Mistake – n° 34
In episode 115, Brian accompanies Gus at Debbie’s. He tells her that his father has cancer. The decorator was probably in a hurry, because he put the framework of the photograph, behind Brian, vertically rather than horizontally.  


Mistake – n° 35
At the end of episode 301, Brian is waiting, lying on his bed. He is wearing his bracelet. When he gets up to let in Justin’s look alike prostitute, the bracelet has disappeared. (See explanation of the phenomenon in the "Various" section, Brian’s bracelet, by Willa).


Mistake – n° 36
In episode 109, Brian arrives at Michael’s in the middle of the night, totally drunk after having a few with his father. Michael holds him up and  tries to close the door with his foot, but the door remains wide open. He strips Brian and lies down immediately, without going to close the door. (Whereas he usually barricades it with a bolt and a security chain).



Mistake – n° 37

In episode 101, Brian is getting dressed while asking Justin about his age. He buttons up his shirt crookedly, but in the following image, the shirt is buttoned correctly. When he comes back to the bed, his shirt is crookedly buttoned again. 



Mistake – n° 38
In episode 101, Brian and Michael are in the Jeep. The word “Faggot” has been tagged on the passenger side.  A couple of men, across the street, are eyeing the car offensively, even though they can’t see anything from where they are.


Mistake – n° 39
In episode 103, Michael and Ted are walking on Liberty Avenue, followed by a transvestite. In the following image, the transvestite is walking in the opposite direction, stops to kiss a mate, and enters Woody’s. Next image, he arrives again in front of his mate, and gives her a – new -  kiss.


Mistake – n° 40
In episode 117, Justin wakes up in the middle of the night and notices that Brian isn’t in the bed. He stands up and drapes himself with a sheet. He arranges it like a toga, in a rather sexy way. But where does this sheet come from ? There is a duvet on the bed, so a duvet-cover. Do they use an extra sheet ?


Mistake – n° 41
In  episode 220, Michael is opening the parcel of « Rage » that he just received from the printer. We clearly see the address :  « Red Cape Comics, 568 Westerley Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15233”. But, in episode 205, when he purchased the shop, the address was… 607 !

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