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Brian : ET - Phone - Home. Michael: Oh my God!
Brian: Yes, your mother is using my UV lamp for a topless bronzage session!

Hal: Shit, the prop guy put some salt in my coffee !! Emmett : I do know that I look like Goofy with that hat, so what ??

Justin : Yerk, the girls could have put their dildo away ! Gale: If you say I'm ugly with my beard again, I'm gonna break your knees!

Melanie: With a mouth like that, she should be straight. Divina : Give me your wig !!!!
Debbie : Hand over my stocking first !

Ben: OTYVHDIJAFE... no, I can't. I really should get new glasses. Brian: Hey, how about a cucumber salad for diner?

Gale: If I hide my face behind my hand, they won't see me anymore... they might leave me alone then. Gale: Cowen and Lipman told you that Brian was a nice guy? Really?

Gale: Assholes... they gave me some real shit. Gale: Assholes ! That's laughing gas !

Gus: She should stop knitting. Melanie: She REALLY must stop knitting!!!

Gale : I'm in a gay tv show? Are you sure? Hal: Oh my God! Sharon stole my wig!

Brian: So, we can take Gus to Dusty's. Then we'll go out for the groceries. I must not forget the coupons... we'll also have to buy flowers. News: A woman has been reported to the police for frightening citizens. The suspect is caucasian with a red wig and blue hair rollers. She is unarmed but dangerous.

Brian: Oh! Justin just spanked me!
Justin: Yeah, and it's just my hand this time...
Brian : This word is on the tip of my tongue! Here, look!

I don't know why people are so obsessed with gay men. I think they're ugly. Daphne: Why there always has to be a vase hiding interesting things??

Brian: I should go to my podiatrist. Gale: Cowlip is such a fucked up family !!

Brian: Tell her to leave me alone or I call my lawyer!
Mel: But Brian, I AM your lawyer!!!
Brian: I'm out of clean shirt, I have to do the laundry.

Brian: What? You need money again? Brian: To be or not to be high, that is the question...

Together: Y M C A, it's fun to stay at the YMCA... Michael: Come on, Brian, being 30 isn't that horrible... Don't worry...

Brian: Look! No hands!
Junstin: How old are you? Two?
Rain man: Uh-oh... fart..

Ted: If you keep your glasses on, you'll get tan marks! Cynthia: Please, Brian, just once : you and me...
Brian: No way...

Gale: Damnit, what's my line again... think... Lindsay : Joan, what a good surprise !!
Brian : Hi mom !

Brian: I shouldn't have criticized Patrick Antosh ! Brian : Dry cleaner is a tough job afterall...

Brian: If Debbie comes again to yell at me, I'm gonna kill her! Brian: So, Michael, you're telling me that you have super powers and that you're gonna save the world from an extraterrestrial threat? Yeah... why not..

Brian: Please, I need those tickets for Barbra's show !! Brian: Please, God, make Justin stop snoring!

Brian: What? It's not a tearoom here? I thought it was... Brian: What do you mean "Justin is a transexual"?!

Brian: Oops, I forgot Gus at the Big Q. You think I can just roll out of bed and look the way I do?

Brian: Hey! Sunshine… You step on my feet !! Hmm… Steal Brian's underwear: check !
Take Brian for all he's worth: check !

Michael: You do realize there are men out there with much bigger penises. Right?
Justin: Yeeeeeahh. But ya 'know, he does pay the rent.
Debbie: Your nails are lovely, honey.
Brian: I'll give you the name of my manucurist !

Gus: For the love of God somebody save me from this woman!!!!!!!! David: You are so adorable Michael.......urr....uhh.......I mean Gus.

Michael: Season two is going to be that bad? David : Let's just say im glad I won't be a part of it.

Proof that the pair of rolled up socks trick really does work. Brian: See that guy on Blue's Clues, Sonnyboy? Fucked him.

Lindsay: Damn Brian, if you strangle yourself who else could I beg for money? Brian: I know he has to have a couple of extra bucks and a condom on him somewhere…

Mel: (thinking) I hope Lindsay doesn't notice my mutant hand.
Lindsay: (thinking) I hope Mel doesn't notice that my ear is missing.
Fab: Bad news for you, Randy. They're letting me go after the first few episodes of Season 3, but you have to stay for the whole season.

Emmett: Oh god, season two WAS as bad as everyone said it was! Carl: This is the only one thing I can do to shut up her!

Ted: I'm porn king of the world!!!!!!! Melanie: Don't disturb! I'm reading the column about "How to kill your girlfriend"!

Brian: - Damned, Justin! You've only been gone a week and you already have crabs! Justin: - For an old man, you've got excellent vision!

Okay! One of us has to give in and be the top! Ted: I see dead people!

(Off): - Hello, I'm David. Can I speak to Michael?
Ben : - Sorry, you may be dial wrong number. Nobody is Michael here.
Justin: A deal's a deal. If you want your bracelet back, you have to pay my new semester, Okay?

The first rule of Gay Fight Club is: You do not talk about Gay Fight Club! Brian: Why the fuck are you raiding Debbie's wardrobe?

After a big adventure of the prince, finally he found a sleeping selfish-prick in the palace and then kiss at the sleeping selfish-prick's mouth to save him from the wizard's curse.

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